About the AIU

About the AIU

Welcome to the Altamimi International University – a place where future medical leaders receive education, inspiration, and knowledge to change the healthcare world. Altamimi International University is a prestigious educational institution dedicated to cultivating excellence, innovation, and scientific research.


The mission of Altamimi International University is to educate competitive doctors for the healthcare system with the aim of improving the quality of life for individuals and society.


We inspire our students to become Pioneer Clinicians – doctors ready to lead the way, tackle medical challenges, and make a significant impact on human health.

Strategic Goal

The strategic goal of Altamimi International University is to provide high-quality medical education to enhance the academy's competitiveness on the international educational stage.


Enhancing a culture of quality and the academy's management system in accordance with international standards.
Providing high-quality education through a combination of traditional and e-learning methods.
Developing international collaborations through research, business, and training projects.
Creating an environment of strengthened academic mobility for students and teaching staff.
Modernizing the academy's educational programs through staff skill development.
Improving the academy's infrastructure.
Providing conditions for research activities.
Research Directions

Altamimi International University aims to be a regional leader in medical research across four key areas:

Neuroscience and Cognitive Thinking: We study the functions of the human brain, focusing on neuroplasticity, memory, and learning. Our advanced AI technologies aim to optimize educational and cognitive processes.

Hormonal Health and Rejuvenation: Our research delves into the impact of hormones on rejuvenation and longevity, using pregnancy as a key reference point. Our goal is to develop scientifically-based methods to enhance quality of life and longevity through biochemical mechanisms.

Genetics and Human Potential Development: We explore genetic factors optimizing human cognitive and physical traits, as well as adaptive capabilities. Our objective is to create scientifically-based methods that potentially improve health and well-being.

Nutrition and Health: We investigate the connection between nutrition and well-being, emphasizing evidence-based nutritional recommendations. Our research aims to develop effective dietary strategies for weight regulation and overall well-being.

Teaching Methods

Altamimi International University employs diverse teaching methods to ensure deep understanding and active student engagement:

Dialectical Method: A philosophical approach analyzing social and cultural phenomena by exploring opposing viewpoints to foster critical thinking.
Scientific Method: The foundation of scientific knowledge, serving as the basis for research in various fields.
Personalized Learning with Neural Networks: An innovative approach adapting learning processes to individual student needs using artificial intelligence.
Lifelong Learning: A relevant approach allowing individuals to learn throughout their lives, continuously improving their qualifications.
Case Study: Involves analyzing real or fictional cases to develop analytical and critical skills.
Portfolio-Based Learning: Students compile their works and projects into portfolios for assessment and analysis.
Preparation for USMLE: A tailored approach for medical students preparing for the United States Medical Licensing Examination.
Practicums and Attendance Policies: Methods used to incentivize regular attendance and discipline.
"If-Then" Method: A logical approach used for formulating hypotheses and establishing cause-and-effect relationships.
Teaching Formats

Altamimi International University employs various teaching formats for maximum adaptation to student needs and effective learning:

Student-Centered Learning: The educational process is tailored to students' needs and interests, enabling active participation in their own education.
Flipped Classroom: The traditional learning approach is reversed, with students studying theoretical material independently and focusing on practical application during classes.
Discussion Groups: Students gather to discuss current topics and issues, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.
Mentorship Service: Professional mentors support students' academic and personal development, providing an individualized approach.
Google Workspace for Education: The integrated Google platform provides easy access to resources, information exchange, and collaborative work between students and faculty.
Cochrane Library: Access to current medical research via the Cochrane library supports evidence-based learning.
Soft Skills: Development of soft skills such as communication, leadership, and adaptability enhances the formation of comprehensive professional qualities in future physicians.

Educational Technologies

At Altamimi International University, we strive to provide modern educational technologies that support active learning and multifaceted growth:

AI for Education: We utilize advanced artificial intelligence technologies to enrich the educational experience, foster creativity, and deepen understanding.
We invite you to be part of our unique educational environment, where scientific discoveries, innovation, and inspiration shape the future of medicine. Join Altamimi University and become a pioneer in global healthcare!

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