Departments and Services
We educate competitive doctors for the Healthcare system to improve the Quality of Life for individuals and society
Human Resources Department Gulira Turgunaly kyzy

Marketing Department Muhammad Abubakar

Financial and Economic Department Damira Omorovna Abdykadyrova

Science Department Edilbek Asymbekov

Academic Department Akylbek Amanbekov

Quality Control Department Nikita Mironov

Development Department Edilbek Asymbekov

Ethics Council Diana Seidibalieva

Research Council Almaz Beishinbiev

Board of Trustees Damira Omorovna Abdykadyrova

Faculty Council Akylbek Amanbekov

Curators' Council Beksultan Kurmanbek uulu

Board of Directors Damira Omorovna Abdykadyrova

Student Council Muhammad Zamad Amjad
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